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International Grocery Stores
International Grocery Stores

We work with local grocery stores to help you shop for fresh and high-quality international products. Order from the convenience of your own home, confident that your transaction will be processed in a timely and secure manner.
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We offer:

Digital Store
Digital Stores (e-commerce)
Delivery and Curbside Pick Up Service
Deliveries & Curbside Pick-Up Service
Publicity and Digital Design
Advertising & Digital Design
Social Media management
Social Media Management
Promotional Videos
Promotional Videos

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What are you craving? We bring your favorite meals right to your door from international food trucks and restaurants, simply place your order and we’ll take care of the rest, keeping you and your loved ones safe during this pandemic.
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Are you shopping for exclusive jewelry, or maybe some beautiful handcrafted products? Or unique clothing from international stores? Find it all at the numerous international stores at ShapYa Mall and have jewelry, crafts, or clothes delivered directly to your door, easily, quickly, and safely.
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