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Our mission is to digitally connect the minority community to goods and services offered by local stores.

How We Contribute

Latino and minority-owned businesses in the US are overlooked and neglected by mainstream delivery and technology platforms.
ShapYa understands and empowers them, enabling equal access to e-commerce and bridging the digital gap,
through a platform created so that businesses, customers, and shapyers can establish strong relationships and thrive.


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We Help Stores/Restaurants


Promote your store and connect with new customers. Register your business and we’ll deliver your products directly to your customers.

We Help Stores/Restaurants


Maximize your sales with ShapYa by offering delivery and pickup services to your customers. We’ll take care of the rest!.

We Help Stores/Restaurants


Earn as much as you want with flexible hours, delivering orders from local shops and restaurants.


What do our clients say?

In ShapYa we believe in achieving our clients satisfaction. Here’s what our clients say about us


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With ShapYa we have the digital tools to offer our store products online. And we can also provide delivery service ourselves without losing contact with our customers.

Adali Aguilera

El Moroleon, Durham, NC

Quote Shapya

ShapYa gives me the opportunity to offer delivery and pick-up to my clients while making it easier to keep inventory and prices updated on digital platforms.

Miguel Villaseñor

Los Portales, Wilmington NC

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